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You have the choice to live your best life in a smarter and more effective way. A best life has abundant and balanced health, wealth, and love. In Fix Your Stupid, author Dr. Carl Rafey gives you a direct path for moving from your “stupid” self to your “smart” self-and how to do it quickly. A culmination of life experiences and input from counselors, coaches, teachers, friends, family, and research, Rafey shares tools and techniques to help you effectively catch your “stupid” thinking and change your thoughts and actions to more beneficial “smart” strategies. This will keep you in your smart zone more often so you can create better results in every area of your life. He shows you how to discover and catch limiting thoughts, with no judgment, and see the gifts they teach you. For those seeking a healthy transformation, Fix Your Stupid is packed with valuable and helpful insights on how to get to the next level in your life.

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I do nine components every day to manifest quickly what I desire in my life. I have been doing this every day for several years. Try it for thirty days; hopefully, it will become a daily routine for the rest of your life—because it works! To stay smart in your thinking, you must have a focused morning routine. Starting the day off right is the most important thing you can do. It is a set point for what you will attract or allow into your life for that day. Each day will build momentum.

Choose to make each day of your life special. Stop living for the weekend or the next holiday or vacation. Make every day count. When I started doing this, it made my life happier and more consistent. This is when I realized that every day was an opportunity that I created.

Part of Chapter One

What Is Your Stupid?

Stupid is as stupid does.
—Forrest Gump

The first thing you need to do in order to fix your stupid is to figure out exactly what your stupid is. After all, how can you fix your stupid unless you know what it is?

At times, we all make decisions from our stupid minds instead of taking time to focus on or think through something. Therefore being stupid is also when you think and make life decisions based on beliefs that aren’t necessarily true. For instance, a client who is in his sixties shared with me that when he was a child, he was taught that sitting in the rear of the plane was safer than sitting up by the nose, so he always chooses seats in the back. Once, when his boss offered him a first-class ticket for a long flight, he turned it down, not only giving up first-class service but also separating himself from the rest of the company’s management team. This is an example of using a learned belief system that is not true in reality, but it was his truth. Using your stupid mind can cause you to not reach your true potential.

We are all stupid when we make decisions or take action based on past emotions or beliefs we were taught, rather than tuning in to what we may truly desire or need right now. Stupid, to me, is living life not in full alignment with what I want now. If you want to be healthy, but your mind ignores nutrition and just goes for burgers, fries, and pizza every night, then that is stupid. If you want to be wealthy but continue to empty your bank account and overspend each month, again, I call that stupid. I want you to live the smart life—the good life—having all the health, wealth, and love you deserve, and you do deserve it all. I want you to live the life of receiving and having all your desires by allowing them into your life.