About Dr. Carl Rafey

Dr. Carl Rafey, DC, is a practicing chiropractor with more than twenty years of experience, including directing several successful clinics across the country and providing private clinic coaching for other chiropractors. He is also a public speaker and personal and business coach. Rafey, who lives in Naples, Florida, is not only an experienced healer of the body but of the mind as well.

What People Are Saying

I have known Dr. Carl Rafey for almost twenty years. He is a great chiropractor and also a close friend. Through my chiropractic work and consultation business, Aligned Performance, I have practiced many of the ideas that Dr. Rafey recommends. Very few people have taken the information he has with Fix Your Stupid and given an outline on how to reach your goals. Take the time to read this book and allow your life to be the best.
Dr. Alok Trivedi, DC
behavior and peak performance expert
Carl Rafey, or “Doc,” as I will always refer to him, is a very unique and forward-thinking man, who also happens to be a gifted chiropractor. I’ve worked with thousands of health-care professionals over the past twenty-five years, and very few have invested the time [it takes] to understand the dramatic effect a person’s emotional health has upon their physical health or their life in general. Fix Your Stupid will help each of us recognize when we are sabotaging ourselves and provide simple remedies to immediately put us back on the healthy track. Just like the best chiropractic care is preventive maintenance, Doc has created preventive maintenance in a handy guidebook for our personal emotional health.
John Costino
corporate trainer and personal life coach
Fix Your Stupid is packed with valuable and helpful insights on how to get to the next level in your life. I encourage anyone wanting a healthy transformation to read this book..
Dr. Carolyn Griffin
chiropractor, certified fermentationist, and founder of My Cultured Life

Fix Your Stupid shows you how to effectively catch your “stupid” thinking and change your thoughts and actions to more beneficial, “smart” strategies. Dr. Carl Rafey, in a very reader-friendly and convincing manner, shares success stories from him and his clients that will inspire you to get more focused and aware of your own thoughts and actions, plus ignite you and show you how to think smarter and succeed wildly and quickly. A spectacular read, a self-discovery course—Fix Your Stupid is a book that will face outward on my bookshelf to remind me that I always have the choice to focus my thoughts and actions and, therefore, as the book teaches, create my own universe.
Enjoy the ride. [Check out my video testimonial and receive a free gift]

Steve Sisgold
Author, Whole Body Intelligence